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DJ Loczi
99.1 KGGI FM, S.W.A.T, Royaltree Group   
Places to Party Like It's 1999 with DJ Loczi in 2010

Loczi loves music, and loves the moment, and is present to the NOW, recognizing that life is a gift and embracing the moment gives the collective ability to rejoice in the presence of grace, allowing energy to guide and faith to bind the human spirit into a joined connectedness that evolves from the beats, the rhythms, the sounds and the depths of our true selves. Music is the answer.

Born just outside of Detroit, Loczi lived in the United States until the early age of 4 years old, when he moved with his family to Sweden. After spending a couple of years living abroad, his family relocated to Southern California, where he spent the majority of his life growing up, until he moved to London, England at the age of 16. In London, Loczi was exposed to the one of the world's most vibrant music scenes, and quickly gained a respect for the art of DJing. Growing up he was influenced by everything from Joan Jett, Pink Floyd, Simon & Garfunkel, The Doors, Phil Collins, Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul, NWA, Naughty By Nature, Old Doc Martin Warehouse Mix Tapes, and pretty much anything he could get his hands on. His taste was diverse and his passion for music continued to grow. After graduating from the American School Of London, England, Loczi moved to Newport Beach to attend the University of California at Irvine. Back in California is where Loczi bought his first set of decks.

Loczi got his start and made a name for himself in Orange County, California. He quickly caught the attention of promoters throughout the Southland and began headlining major events from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco. Gaining notoriety as both a mixing technician and a mastermind for reading a crowd he was chosen as 1 of 3 DJs in the United States, and 1 of 60 in the world to attend the Red Bull Music Academy on full scholarship. During Loczi's experience at the Academy he was able to learn from the pioneers of the DJ world, and gathered invaluable knowledge on the history of this craft. DJ Loczi's ten year career has consisted of playing at some of the most world renowned dance clubs, spanning across the United States, down into Mexico and throughout Europe. He has been fortunate enough to play on the decks of The Kitchen in Dublin, Ireland, Papas & Beer in Rosarito, Mexico, Studio 54, Tabu, Wet Republic, Moon, and Rehab in Las Vegas, Club Havana & Ruby in London, Smartbar in Chicago, Rockadiles in San Felipe, Mexico, Venus in Honolulu, Diesel in New York, Panini in Detroit, Fluid & Le Vende & Qool in San Francisco, Element in Hollywood, Hard Rock, On Broadway, and Ivy Hotel in San Diego, Dirty in Portland, Bar Rio and Aura in Texas, and Spundae in Los Angeles, to name a few.

DJ Loczi is the owner of EARWAX RECORD LABEL and uses it as a platform to share his musical creations with the world. Their mission statement is to…Focus everyday on the moment. Allow your dreams to prevail. Music will change the world. Collective consciousness around the beauty of sound, felt by our ears, delivered through wax, WE make present the NOW. Loczi has been trained at ICON COLLECTIVE as a top level producer and remixer and is utilizing his skills throughout the pop, hip-hop, electro, house and downtempo musical genres.

DJ Loczi has had countless radio shows, produced songs for major motion pictures and television commercials, as well as acting as a producer and booking agent for many successful festivals and concerts throughout the United States and Mexico. He has been afforded the opportunity to play major events like Madonna's Closing Tour Party, The Grammy's After-Party, The San Diego Superbowl Party and Countless Recording Artist Release parties. Loczi also sits as the main headlining resident DJ for the largest college tour company in the United States. He can be heard weekly on monday nights from 9-10pm and Saturday nights from 9-10pm. DJ Loczi has undoubtedly put himself on the map on the West Coast as one of the most talented DJs to look out for and experience.

For the last 3 years you could have TUNED in ON AIR Saturday afternoons to hear him mix live on 99.1KGGI FM with host Kid Jay for the #1 RATED MIX SHOW His most recent move has lead him to 93.5KDAY broadcasting live in Los Angeles, the nation's 2nd largest market, where he will be mixing Friday Afternoons for the Weekend Kick Off Party Starter Mix, starting at 5pm.

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