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Big Wiz is presented in High-Definition Rane is the official mixer of Turntable U

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Lessons included in this package:
Video-SL 101 [Now SeratoVideo-101]
Video-SL 102 [Now SeratoVideo-102]
You have the gear, you know the basics, and now you want to become a VDJ!

Covered in this lesson:
  • Disclaimer: Video-DJ'ing is the future of DJ'ing but it isn't for everyone, if it were easy everyone would be doing it already. Video-S is more complicated and a lot more technically demanding than dj'ing with just audio.
  • Operating System/Requirements (supported operating systems, processing requirements, video/graphics cards, & RAM.
  • Hardware Requirements for Video-SL: RANE TTM57-SL Mixer Or a Midi Assignable Mixer (recommended Pioneer DJM700 or DJM800) Or a Midi-Controller.
  • Download the free demo version from the ScratchLive website and see if your rig is capable of running Video-SL
  • How to import and load videos for use in Video-SL
  • Video-SL features, screen overview, and Video-Sl introduction (Overview of basic Rane TTM-57SL Video-SL features)
  • Setting up a second display monitor & setting full screen output. Overview a variety of video adaptors available for both the old & new macs and the pc's...
+ Check the ScratchLive website for the new and upcoming features as well as Video-SL updates.


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