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Big Wiz is presented in High-Definition Rane is the official mixer of Turntable U
Can I use PayPal to purchase a subscription?
Yes. Links to pay via PayPal are below. Once we receive payment, your package will be credited manually to your account, so it is not available to you instantly as the on-site credit card payment is, though is typically done in under a few hours during U.S. business hours.

  DJ Shortee
  DJ Loczi
  DJ Tony G
  DJ E-Tronik
  DJ Dynamix
  DJ D-Strukt
  DJ Icy Ice
  DJ Debonair
  DJ Ever
  DJ Rocky Rock
  DJ Big Wiz
What equipment do I need to take advantage of the lessons at Turntable U.?
We currently feature DJ lessons taught utilizing turntablism's the industry standards: (2) Technic 1200 direct-drive turntables and the Rane TTM-57SL Mixer. We understand that this is a very high-end setup, so if you do not have the gear recommended we suggest (2) direct-drive turntables (or cdj's) & a DJ mixer.

2 Technics SL 1200 MK2 Direct Drive Turntables
1 RANE TTM-57SL Two Channel DJ Mixer with built in Scratch Live
1 Odyssey Glide Style Coffin (Model # FZGSBM10W)
1 Serato Scratch Live 19.2 (The official digital dj'ing platform of
1 Laptop (PC or Mac -> most DJs prefer the Mac/Apple - Macbook Pro because of it's stability
What if I'm using CD Turntables (Pioneer CDJ's or an equivalent)?
Currently all of the lessons on are taught with turntables, HOWEVER our lessons utilize the same theories necessary to DJ on Vinyl or CD-Turntables. If your a DJ who rock's CD turntables like the Pioneer CDj's (or their equivalent) our lessons will teach you all you need to know about scratching, mixing, and other advanced tricks of the trade.

In the future TurntableU will be offer a full line of courses featuring CDJ's, Midi-Controllers, & basic music production.
How long can I view the lessons I purchase?
Semesters begin the day you enroll in a package and are available for 9 months.
We limit access to lessons for this term primarily to discourage login-sharing, but understand that it can help to have access to the lessons past this term, particularly for the larger packages. We are happy to review your account's login history and almost always will renew your access to any purchased package free of charge if you simply submit a request via the 'contact us' form in the top right of this site.
Where do I get the lessons?
All Turntable U. lessons are available exclusively online at Lessons can only be viewed on website and are not presently offered for download or sale.
How do I redeem my discount code?
Your code will likely grant you access to a specific package. If you don't know which package your code is for, it is likely the Sampler Package.

Head to the Packages page and click on the enroll button to the right of the appropriate package.

On the checkout page, click the 'I have a discount code' link, which should prompt you to enter your code and you will be on your way.
If I subscribe to the All-Access package, will I be granted access to new
        lessons as they are added?
YES! We always grant access to new lessons to all users who have ever purchased the All-Access pass. When the site addition is significant, we will also send an email to these members notifying them of the contents' availability.
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