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Big Wiz is presented in High-Definition Rane is the official mixer of Turntable U
Armory Hip Hop Shop, Freestyle Session   
CROS1 mastermind behind the event Freestyle Session, co promoter of Out For Fame National Bboy Championships, co owner of the Armory Hip Hop Shop. Also distributing and producing bboy DVD's worldwide through Freestyle Session Distribution as well as local club promotions and DJ down with the Sharpshooterz Crew and Armory Massive....

Armory Massive is a collective of MC's, DJ's, Graffitti Artists, Bboys, Bgirls and Hip HOp Loverz in general that share there passion for Hip Hop. Armory Massive: CROS1, LPSD, Dj Charlie Rock, King D, Black Ran, Ice Lee, Steven Flex, Unique, Ruthless, G-Rok, Aesthetic, Pat-Man, Fingaz, Dj Hektik, Rythm Bugz, Bboy Mafia, Tarantino, Manson, Reveal, Bone, Mabu, Most Desh, Mabu, Urban Wayz, Sharpshooterz Crew, Felt1, R-Type, Mr. Groove, Pac-Man, Rells, Rage, Kutfather, Jaba and Homegrown Blends, Dj Element, Kat Uno and to all the supporters, fans and people I just plain forgot dont trip you all are a part of the Armory Massive most definitely!!!

Shout Outs to John Jay and Charlie and the Armory Massive reppin Korea to the fullest checkem out at also our extended fam Armory Massive in Japan Top Nation Japan... Machan, Ryu, Kogataro, Mar and the rest of the staff reppin Japan check them out at

Also big shout outs to the newest addition to the family Hooch and Adam out in London

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! My Dog of all Dogs...Dat Nigga "RekSick" holding it DOWN for ChiTown! and all the Armory Chicago homie's, Pony, Jesus H, Dj IllaNoiz, CujoDah, Titty, Abu-Chi, Big Bean and nem, Tommy Fresh, DJ SonRyze & Lead & The Entire SolKon Squad Family. Armory Massive worldwide, til the world blow. Check them out too at

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