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DJ Dstrukt
Acrylick Clothing, 38 Cal, Raisin Heads, Under the Table Crew

"I fell in love with hip hop ever since I heard my sister play Nothing But a G Thang by Snoop Dogg." As a little boy growing up in East side San Jose, Dstrukt begged his dad to buy him albums like East 1999 by Bone Thugs N Harmony. At 14 years old, a childhood friend introduced him to a pair of Gemini XL-100's with a bright orange mixer and an obsession was immediately formed. He was too young to buy an album with a parental advisory sticker on the cover, but old enough to know that music would be his way-of-life.

After years and years of being a bedroom dj, spinning at cotillions and uncle's backyard parties were no longer cutting it. He had entered and won a few SJ Guitar Center battles and made some connections, but it was time to move on. After graduating high school from Mount Pleasant High, he moved to Long Beach to take his hobby to the next level.

Moving into a new city, Dstrukt did what any 18 year old would: make as many friends as possible. Making friends eventually landed him very important connections that would start his long line of success in Southern California.

His passion for turntablism and knack for networking eventually landed him shows with main players in the industry like Gza, Cappadona and Killah Priest of the Wu-Tang Clan, Zion-i, Grouch, Buckshot, Yarah Bravo, Dj D-styles, Mr. Dibbs and Numark. He also entered in several battles and in 2006, he won both the Hollywood Guitar Center District battle and became FPAC's DJ Champion. After winning almost a dozen battles, Dstrukt decided to start producing his own mixtapes. Being sponsored by Acrylick Clothing Co, his mixtapes were chosen to be the company's official CD. These mixtapes represented Acrylick and were exclusively distributed to Metro Park retail stores across the globe.

In 2008, he was asked to join a tour of US and Canada with Project Blowed emcees. He covered 32 states in 30 days. The group performed for countless crowds with The venues varied anything from dark underground pubs in Texas to high-class clubs in New York. Being on tour gave Dstrukt the hands-on education and versatility that djs need to stand out and succeed in the industry. No more than a few months later after returning from the tour, Dstrukt receives a personal invitation to be featured on the World Famous Wake Up Show as a guest DJ. His 20 minute set had been heard around the globe, but his spotlight didn't end there. Being invited to the show that hip hop idols and legends shared was more than enough, but it wasn't enough for the listeners. King Tech had invited him back to the Show for eight consecutive weeks.

At 24 years old, Dstrukt's musical career has not even begun to peak. He currently resides in Lakewood, CA with his brother, sister and his stubborn rottweiler Roni. He enjoys ironing his T-shirts and eating hot dogs from Costco with extra onions. And if you catch him cruising around Long Beach, he'll probably be blasting something like Nothing but a G Thang by Snoop Dogg. Don't worry. Even though he upgraded from Gemini turntables and bright orange mixers, he never leaves his roots.

Name: Dstrukt, also known as Derrick.

Area you represent: San Jose and Lakewood California

Affiliations: Acrylick Clothing, Under theTable Crew, & Bevmo(San Jose)

Background: Bay Area based, but lived in LA for 5 years, but he is currently back in the south bay mixing a combo of Hip-Hop/R&B/Boogie/Soul/Funk.

Catch him: As a guest Dj on the world famous Wake Up Show or being a member of BEVMO, Acrylick Clothing, and Under The Table Crew.

Childhood Ambition: As a child I had the ambition to always be a scientist(yes I said SCIENTIST). I was big on science projects and always watching Bill Nye the Science Guy after school. Obviously things didn’t turn out to go in that direction.

Fondest Memory: My fondest memory was taking 15 minute naps after lunch in elementary school. I still find myself doing it til this day.

Soundtrack: Oceans 11&12, Black Dynamite and Friday.

Proudest moment: it happened in 2008, when I attended my first U.S. tour. Driving not flying. My favorite part from that whole tour was arriving into New York at 6 O’clock A.M. watching the sunrise from the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a breathe taking moment that made me enjoy and appreciate life 100 x’s more. I Wouldn’t trade anything for that moment.

Biggest Challenge: Trying to explain to someone why I can’t play Lady Gaga 2 x’s in a row.

Retreat: Philippines

Alarm Clock: 7:30 AM hit snooze then really wake up at 7:45AM

Perfect Day: Waking up on a sunny day with a slight breeze, iron my clothes, Cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast, bring my dog Roni to the dog beach, spend some time at the record store, cut session/BBQ with both LA and Bay homies, 15 minute nap, more skratching, more eating, and end the night with a movie with a movie. Nightcap! That’s my vision of a perfect day.

Indulgence: Sizzler’s clam chowder with broken crackers, pepper and lemon.

Last Purchase: iPhone case, and let me say, it was a rip off, AND it was on Black Friday!

Favorite Movie: Black Dynamite

Inspiration: Positive people with positive vibes. The fuel to creativity in it’s rawest form.

My life: I’m doing everything average 21st century filipino parents wouldn’t approve. I thank my parents for allowing me to step out that box and explore the dark side of the music industry. That being said, I live a simple life with a dash of Creole seasoning and pepper. Easy!

What advice do you have for up and coming DJs: Buy records! Then after you buy records, develop a style(No BITING), then after you develop a style, pay your dues! Then after you pay your dues, learn how to battle or skratch. And after you learn how to battle, get your mixtape bars up! Then after you get your mixtape bars up, get your network on. That’s it. Or you can take the shortcut from all those steps and buy a laptop and a digital mixing software.

Contact Information:
Acrylick Clothing/Under the Table Crew/Bevmo
Booking Info: (562)485-8630

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