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DJ Promote
DJ Promote   
Somewhere in Texas, one humble man with a set of turntables is on a mission. He's Dj Promote and he's ready to make the party come alive. With every beat and every mix, he is making more than a song... he's creating an atmosphere.In spite of his small town upbringing, Dj Promote always knew he had a love and a gift for music. His biggest exposure came through the local radio station that played mostly pop hits. However, as a child of the ‘80s he literally grew up with hip-hop and break dancing while the art of djing was almost as young as he was. Even before he knew what a dj was, he was developing a raw talent for the profession. He says, "As a kid, I was djing in my head. I would always be thinking about what the next song should be. I didn't know that you could do that for real!"Dj Promote made friends with similar interests, and after high school, he finally got the opportunity to jump head first into the scene. "I started hanging out in bigger cities like Dallas, Austin and San Antonio," he recalls. "We would hit the clubs mostly for the music. We just wanted to hear the djs."By his early 20s, Dj Promote was entrenched in the music scene. It was just as he'd always dreamed, but something was still missing. He returned back home one year to find that his family had started going to church. "I could tell they were different. I didn't understand everything at the time, but I remember thinking, 'Whatever they have, I want." He soon began investing into his community and working for a local organization. "I reached out to the youth in high schools with my djing and childhood experiences. God taught me alot during those years. I learned that people were important and that life wasn't just about becoming famous or having money."Dj Promote has recently transitioned to full time djing and currently spends over 200 days out of the year touring and performing. He has traveled across the globe to South Africa, Europe and South America, djing spot dates, arena tours and backing up artists like B.Reith, Propaganda, Humble Beast, Moses Uvere and speaker/entertainer Curtis Zackery.Dj Promote has also been featured on albums such as Syntax Records' Wages of Syntax Volume 2 and the Night Owls Compilations 3, 4 and 5.With all this experience he still considers himself a new-comer to the game with room for improvement. "It's all about learning and never thinking that you've got it down." Be sure and follow this one of a kind dj at "THE PARTY STARTS NOW!"

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