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DJ Pup Dawg
DJ Pup Dawg
#1 Morning show in Boston - WJMN JAMN 94.5 fm   

"From Pakistan, to L.A., to Boston," DJ Pup Dawg is one of the more powerful DJ's in hip-hop. His talent and credentials represents his monumental accomplishment, but only reflect a small portion of his personality. DJ Pup Dawg has opened up for the very talented Alicia Keys, Akon, and Common, just to name a few. He has contributed greatly in the success of two well-known radio stations (92.3 The Best in LA and Jamn 94.5 in Boston) and worked with countless celebrities. However, don't let his resume make the impression; Pup is as humble as a puppy. His personality can be described as determined, strong-minded, hard worker, creative, adaptive, yet reliable, honest, funny, warm, and charming.

At a young age Pup began his DJ path. "At house parties, I was in charge of bringing in my tape deck to DJ from one tape deck to another." At night, he would climb into bed, portable radio hidden under his shirt (even though his mom said go straight to sleep), and tune into Magic 106. "I thought Magic 106 was the hottest station because it was named after my favorite basketball player Mr. Earvin Magic Johnson." He'd also tune in and out of K-Day, the legendary AM station that helped launch west coast hip-hop. "I used to listen to Julio G all the time, and it was because of him that I wanted to mix and host my own show". It wasn’t until senior year in high school that Pup pursued mixing. "I was always looking over my friend's (Craig & Bo) shoulder to see what they were doing and would go home and practice that. I tried mimicking Julio G a lot as well, introducing songs, thinking about questions to ask artist and even trying to mix like him or at least what I heard."

In 1997 Pup's dream began. Pup landed a gig at The Sharks Club where one night Eric Cubiche, The Beat 92.3's Saturday night host, was hanging out. Eric liked the way Pup mixed and held the crowd on the dance floor. "I remember not even a week had gone by and my pager was going off, it was Eric! I was so nervous to call him back, but I did. He offered me a spot to open up for him at a few clubs around L.A." About a month later, Pup was interning for the number one radio station in Los Angeles, 92.3 The Beat, where Julio G resided.

After two years with The Beat and a year and a half with Hot in Los Angeles, Pup found himself on the east coast with WJMN in Boston (Jamn 94.5) on The Ramiro & Pebbles Morning Show. Today, Pup’s resume is full of versatility. He is not only the morning show mixer, but also an on-air personality. "Of all the morning shows that I have worked with including Steve Harvey, Sinbad, Ed Lover and Dr. Dre, I consider Jamn THE BEST MORNING SHOW. This crew is like family. I love it here." In 2008, Pup met his ultimate goal in radio when he became Jamn's Music Director!

Outside of Boston radio, DJ Pup Dawg is syndicated with Super Radio and on Cable TV's Music Choice Mixtape Channel.

DJ Pup Dawg's most recent project has been managing "REDD HOTT", a new artist fresh out of Brooklyn, New York.

We are now signed under Akon's label "KONVICT MUSIC". Look out for new music from Redd in 2010!

A personal note from DJ Pup Dawg:
"Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read about me and my journey. I appreciate all the support!"

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