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1999 DMC USA Champion   

P-Trix is one of the most influential and internationally-respected forces in today’s hip-hop generation. Recognized by many for his unrivaled beat-juggling skills, P-Trix’s highly-technical and innovative style has amazed fans across the world and gained the respect of hip-hop greats.

P-Trix, born Patrick Arriola, began djing at the age of 12. His natural talent, dedication and genuine love for music quickly gained him recognition in the late 1990’s in the underground hip-hop community. A Los Angeles native, P-Trix has proudly taken his craft to all four corners of the world. Once a DJ at the occasional house party, P-Trix now headlines at international events for thousands of hip-hop enthusiasts. He continues to be inspired by an eclectic variety of musical genres, especially hip-hop, jazz and experimental, and credits artists including J Dilla, Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier as major influences. P-Trix’s innovative approach to music has blazed new trails for future generations of turntablists and taken industry standards to new heights.

P-Trix has performed internationally with hip-hop legends including Common, De la Soul, The Roots and Eminem. He was crowned the 1999 DMC USA Champion and placed 3rd in the DMC World Championship. Among his other titles, P-Trix was named the Dirtstyle DJ of the Year by the Invisible Skratch Piklz, as well as Blaze Magazine’s 1998 DJ Battle Champion. He has been featured on MTV, BET and The Ricki Lake Show, as well as in industry videos such as DMC, ITF, Tableturns and hundreds of other publications worldwide.

From taking out DJs in fierce competitions to showcasing in some of the world’s most notorious nightclubs, P-Trix has demonstrated his versatility as an artist and passion for his craft. With multiple production projects in the works and a new album soon-to-be released, P-Trix continues to evolve as a musician and raise the bar for hip-hop artists and followers around the world.

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