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Rick Lee The Dragon
Rick Lee The Dragon
106 KMEL - San Francisco, SBCDJs - Style Beyond Compare DJs   
Known in the Bay Area as Rick Lee "The Dragon." The word Dragon represents his Asian American heritage... also for power & respect in his Chinese culture. Respectfully Rick Lee has been running with his crew of DJ’s since the age of 15 dating back to 1985 since the beginning era of the Hip Hop generation. A barely near graduate outta Westmoor High School Rick Lee lives in the town of Daly City, a suburb town 15 mins from San Francisco. As a young teen he worked hard labor as a construction worker for 10 years in his dads family owned business. Doing dozens and dozens of mixtapes, high school parties, weddings, various DJ battles against some talented opposing crews Rick Lee sweated through the trenches to gain recognition in the DJ game.

While around his 11th year in the game working at the ever popular night club named City Nights, 2 young men by the name of Alexander Mejia & Dave Daniels from 106 KMEL’s street researchers as they called it at the time approached Rick Lee. Visualizing Rick Lee’s talent to a crowd of 2000 party people on a off Wednesday night, he immediately swept the folks from KMEL off there feet. They had told Rick Lee that they had constantly heard a buzz about him off several mixtapes which they heard from other people dubbing and dubbing them in the streets, along with his name always appearing everywhere on the biggest party flyers in the Bay. Before this run in Rick Lee had also linked up previously with Chuy Gomez as a non permanent guest DJ on the station doing super produced mixes. Then down the road as buzz caught wind and he started doing guest spot mixes for Franzen & Trace dog who where KMEL’s backbone of on air DJ’s at the time. Being this the case they said they had to see what the Dragon was all about. To every extent they found what they was looking for and quickly gave Rick Lee a business card and asked him to call them early in the morning the next day. Before Rick Lee could wake up the next day the 2 guys from KMEL called Rick Lee and ushered him over the phone to quickly come down to the radio station. Several weeks back before the run in with Rick Lee at the night club a previous DJ by the name of Greg Lopez held the current 5pm position @ KMEL. The story goes that the DJ one day to sabotaged KMEL and show up to work for the opposing FM dial Wild 949 which at the time was a huge competitor of 106 KMEL and owned by a different company. So for 4 long weeks KMEL was without a branded DJ... this is how Rick Lee came about as they found him DJing at the night club.

Its now been another 11years past due since 1996 in the game and things for Rick Lee has definitely paid off with his hard work. Rick Lee has expanded on the horizon on the mixtape circuit by linking up with Network of Cartier Entertainment (a partner company who helps Rick Lee in guidance with the music industry) in late 2001. Below is a list of credible Bay Area mixtapes which now is what we call the ever popular Bay Area Hyphy movement. Thanks to Nextwork & key Bay Area artist, the movement in the Bay is alive and well.

King Of The Super Dupa Hyphy feat Keak Da Sneak

The Yay Areas Most Wanted Vol 1 hosted by Chuy Gomez
Cali Kings Vol 1 feat DJ Boy Wonder
Recognized The Bay Vol 1
Reggae Tales Vol 1 & 2
Throwbacks & Smoke Sessions Old School Bay Classics Vol 1
Return Of The Dragon Vol 1 & 2
E 40’s "Return Of The Dragon Vol 3"
E 40’s Hyphy Movement Mixtape
Triple Threat Mixtape feat DJ Roli Fingaz & DJ Jelly
Dem Hoodstarz Street Mixtape
Balance "3 The Hardway" feat Mind Motion & DJ GIO
B Legit "Purple House" Mixtape & DVD On The Bay Area Hyphy Movement
Mac Dre’s "Don’t Hate The Player"
Mac Dre’s Thizz World Vol 1
Lovers & Friends R & B Mixtape
Locked Doors Mixtape feat Entity
The Yellow Bus Mixtape/DVD Tape feat Mistah FAB

Currently life is good….Rick Lee holds a 10 plus share of ratings on his time slot for 106 KMEL. He has been Bay Area DJ of the year winner at the 2005 BARRS awards and is being nominated again but in 2 categories for Best Mixtape DJ & Best Mix DJ of the Bay for 2006. Rick Lee runs a successful digital music pool of 100 plus DJ’s in the Bay Area which he uses solely for help breakin new Bay Area music & new music in general since 1999. Rick Lee’s SBC DJ’s company is now 19 DJ’s strong holding down the Bay Area on every club, high school, wedding & event.

Rick Lee & his crew is also sponsored by several well known companies such as Budweiser Beer, DUB Magazine, Offical DJ for, Royal Blunt Company, Audio Images Car Audio Company, Guitar Center, Recognize The Bay Clothing Company, RYC Clothing Company, Exotic Custom Jewelry, Playboy TV, Made Pro Graphics, Copy World Printing Company, Let’s Go Wireless Cellular Phone Company, Vectorizers Graphics, Catch 22 Clothing & Eyewear, King Of The Bay Clothing Company, Street Low Magazine, DUB Magazine,….the list just keeps going on.

Rick Lee DJ’s no joke 7 Day’s a week.

358 Culture Lounge Eastside San Jose (dedicated in helping & finding new Bay Area talent)

Bowl Area (spinin nothing but Bay Area music to a packed house of Bay Area Bowlers, also we showcase 1 Bay Area artist who is currently popular…open to ALL AGES)

Paulos Lounge (DJing to locals in the city of Hayward in a small bar)

Mingles Night Club (DJing to locals in the city of Oakalnd in a small bar)

Club GLO with Big Von

Friday & Saturday nights (Freelance @ several clubs monthly)
Club NV E Saturdays, Loft 11 Freakquecy, Blush Seduction, 330 Ritch, Gefforeys Inner Circle, Sweet Jimmies, Sound Factory, Sutie 181, Glas Kat, ect.

Plans for 2009 & Beyond:

Rick Lee plans for the future is to get into producing & making beats…he currently has own pro tools studio based in his home and plans to get more on the production side of making hit beats for artist. He also plans to help push the Bay Area Hyphy movement further & expand his SBC DJ crew bigger and better in more places. Rick Lee also hopes to collect & gain even bigger sponsors for 2007. Rick Lee's mixtapes will now be either double disc consisting of CD’s/DVD’s from here on out. He also plans to produce more DVD’s about the Bay Area music scene I am involved in.

Closing Comments:
Be all you can be…never let anyone say you can’t be or do something... stay focus and you will always accomplish your dreams.

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