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Big Wiz is presented in High-Definition Rane is the official mixer of Turntable U
Big Wiz
Big Wiz
Tour DJ for Aesop Rock , STEELWORKERZ, Record Playa Haterz, Veteran KBXX 97.9 The Box in Houston TX   
DJ BIG WIZ started DJing in late 83. Since then he has worked as a DJ in many aspects such as community and college radio as well as at one of the biggest commercial radio stations in the US. He was also down with two of the original 3 groups on the Rap-A-Lot Records (home of the Ghetto Boys) in the mid to late 80's.

WIZ has spun at clubs around the world and has DJ'd for several bands, groups and solo artists. Along with a couple of friends, he was responsible for helping design the RANE TTM series mixers and has worked closely with RANE and SERATO for years. WIZ has also worked closely with SHURE, KORG, Stanton as well as a few other equipment companies.

WIZ moved from Houston to NYC in 96 and quickly made his name known there in the competitive NY battle scene during the golden age of DJ battles with his crew the SteelWorkerz. He has also appeared in several DJ/Turntabelist videos such as SHURE Turntablism 101 and others.

WIZ became known as the "go to" DJ in NY and has been the in-house DJ for the independent hip hop label Def Jux, DJing for EL-P, Cage, Mr. Lif and everyone else on the label. He is currently DJing for Aesop Rock and just finished touring past year in the US and abroad. Also making appearances on MTV, Fuel TV and rocking festivals such as Coachella, Sound Set, Treasure Island Music Festival and more.

Wiz can be heard on Aesop Rock's recent album, "None Shall Pass" scratching on just about every track. His work is also featured on the latest albums by Rob Sonic and El-P. Currently off the road for a while, Wiz is back in the studio working on a few new projects for 2010/2011.

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